Why pets rule social media

Why pets are popular on social media

With the current times we’re in, it’s no surprise more people are going online to escape reality and destress. One of the ways I cope with stress is by scrolling through photos or videos of adorable animals.

In a 2016 study by NewsWhip, posts with pets had a paw-sitive effect on likes and comments across all industries, compared to regular posts.

So why do we tend to like or share that photo of a cute animal on social media?

Primrose, a silver tabby kitten wearing an orange harness perched in crook of a tree.

Primrose, a silver tabby kitten perched in the crook of a tree, mouth open in a big smile.

Here’s what I’ve learnt after running an Instagram account for my cat, Primrose:

Pets are relatable

You don’t have to live in the same country, speak the same language or fall within a particular demographic. People from all over the world can relate to posts about pets – pet owners see their furry friends as part of the family, and in a well-thought-out post, people who don’t own pets can see their own emotions, fears and dreams reflected through the lens of a pet.

Most people are animal lovers

Most people like pets; they don’t get involved in politics, embroiled in controversy, or offend others. Therefore, it’s relatively safe to create a post which includes a pet. In fact, mass appeal means that posts that include pets reach a broader audience and get better engagement.

People love sharing content about pets

When people relate and engage, they will share. Cute puppy? – the world has to see this! All this sharing means that posts reach more people, which leads to more engagement. Great for social media and growing brand awareness. The paw-sibilities are endless.


What do you think? Is the idea of including pets in social media posts just barking mad, or are you going to give it a go?

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