Which is the best social media platform?

Best social media platforms.

With so many social media platforms out there (and new ones popping up everyday), it can get confusing!

Have you ever wondered which is the best social media platform?

If you are creating a social media account for your brand, here is the most important thing to remember.

You do not have to be on all platforms to be successful.

Here is a quick breakdown of the common social media platforms.


The OG social media platform. Lots of people have a Facebook account and you can reach a wide audience.

  • Great place to start building an online presence for your business
  • Add your physical address, post updates about your business and build customer loyalty by answering their questions about your brand
  • Build brand reputation with customer reviews


My favourite social media platform – Instagram’s like a visual version of Facebook. Think of it as a place to share photos and videos, build connections with others through Instagram Stories and even make sales! Illuminate, my Pinterest membership, is accessible through secret Instagram Stories and it’s one of the ways I’ve monetised on this platform.

  • Great for businesses that produce visual content
  • Pair it with Facebook to promote your business across a wider audience
  • Reels feature lets you use short videos to get reach people who are not following you

X (formerly known as Twitter)

I do not have a personal account, but find this is best if you want to connect with other businesses.

  • Share business updates and build customer loyalty by answering their questions about your brand
  • Share customer reviews by “Retweeting” their posts
  • Limit of 280 words means you need to be concise


LinkedIn used to be for job seekers looking for opportunities, but lately it’s evolved into a platform to build your personal brand and connect with potential clients as well as others in your niche.

  • Build connections with other professionals or businesses
  • Stay updated on content relevant to your industry
  • Write articles to establish yourself as an expert in your field


I try to avoid scrolling through Tik Tok if I can, as it’s easy to get addicted swiping through one video after another. Tik Tok features mostly video content, but it is introducing new features to allow users to start sharing images too.

  • Forces you to think about the key message you want to share with customer
  • Good way to reach more people if your customers are in a younger demographic

It’s important to remember that whichever social media platform you choose to be on, remember that it’s one of the many tools in your marketing toolkit. Pair social media with another traffic driver, like Pinterest, to ensure that you’re bringing people to content owned by your business. And if you’re ready to make Pinterest your main traffic driver, then here’s how you can work with me.

Which social media platform are you on? Share in the comments!

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