More Website Visits with Pinterest: A Guide for Online Businesses

Pinterest for online businesses

A Collaborative blog with Sam from Raven Digital Co.

As an online business owner, you may be using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach your customers. But did you know there’s a time-saving alternative that you might not have thought of? Pinterest is a fantastic option for new people to discover your business and take their first steps into your world.

In this article, I’ll share why Pinterest is the GOAT for online businesses, what happened when my artist client started Pinterest repurposing, and a simple Pinterest strategy of how to get more website visits.

Closeup of hands holding smartphone with Pinterest app open.

Why use Pinterest for your Online Business?

What if I told you, you could get new customers, using the same content you already have?

Because that’s exactly how Pinterest works. Think of Pinterest as the “picture”- version of Google, where people are looking:

  • To be inspired
  • For a solution to their problems
  • To learn something
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As a search engine, your Pinned content is still discoverable months to years after posting. In fact, a fellow creative once shared that a customer had discovered their business through Pinterest – from a Pin they had posted 4 years ago. 

Crazy, huh? I haven’t shared the best part yet.

Instagram is good, but it likes keeping people on the app.

Pinterest is different. It likes directing people off the app to useful resources (*hint* your website)    

1 for Pinterest, 0 for Instagram.

Client Case Study

When an artist client first reached out, she had been using Pinterest to grow her email list, without much success. She was trying to hack the algorithm by posting random Pins. 

After implementing a strategic Pinning plan, we went from 2000 monthly views on her profile, to a whopping 24000 monthly views in 3 months. All without her creating more content. 

Screenshot of Pinterest results from my artist client. Before she was at 2500 monthly views, after 1 month, this increased to 6100 monthly views.

Screenshot of client’s monthly views and followers before and after working together

She also had 56 people save her Pins (meaning they were considering her services for future), and a 117% increase in clicks from Pinterest to her website. All this without a huge following (less than 100 Pinterest followers)

I’m going to break down a simple version of what we did to get this.

Simple Pinterest Strategy for More Sales

Every good Pinterest strategy starts with keyword research. Keywords are words that your customers use in a search engine (like Google) to find your business or what you offer.

(I break down how to do keyword research and 5 areas to add keywords in your Pinterest profile here)

Flatlay of an open laptop with cup of coffee and earrings

Next, consider the intent of people who use Pinterest. As mentioned earlier, they are on the platform for inspiration, to learn, or to find a solution to a problem they have. Content that addresses any of these points work well on Pinterest.

Since most people on Pinterest are discovering your business for the first time, you then want to direct them to a ‘nurture ’ type of content. This could be a blog, podcast, email list or any other way to build trust and connect with them. 

If you skip this step and direct people from Pinterest straight to a sales page or your offers, the chance of sales is low. This is especially true if you offer a service, because people need to know, like and trust you first. 

Closeup of hands threading beads on a string.

Let’s review how this strategy looks for a jewellery brand:⁣

  • Pinterest account optimised with keywords
  • Customer discovers Pin linking to blog article – e.g. How to accessorise a black dress⁣
  • Call to action at end of blog, directing customer to sign up to mailing list⁣
  • Customer receives email welcome sequence, which covers business story and tells them to follow the brand on social media
  • Customer further connects with brand through email/social media
  • Customer buys from brand

Reach customers before they even go to Instagram

Pinterest is a fantastic way to complement your social media or email marketing efforts, since its purpose is to get users off the platform and to external links. However, it doesn’t always work if you try to use it without proper keyword research or a strategic Pinning plan.

By adding Pinterest to your marketing mix or using it more effectively, you’ll be reaching potential customers before they even discover you on social media.

Pinterest Results from Raven Digital Co.

Thank you Isabel for this in depth review of Pinterest, and how you should use the platform. I can totally agree with you on this one. We posted a Pin for a client back in 2023 and it continued to gain traction – you can see from the screenshot below.

Pinterest results showing 7440 views, 181 pin clicks, 95 saves and 1 website click from Raven Digital Co's Pinterest client

Funnily enough, this was a meme. So there is no one set formula for marketing, it all depends on what content your business posts to build brand awareness. Take that content, transform it into a pin and watch the clicks roll in!

Raven Digital Co. is a web design and digital services company that’s not afraid to be bold, innovative, and edgy. They help businesses of all sizes break through the noise and reach new heights of success. You can find them on Instagram at ravendigitalco for all things social media, paid ads, branding and web design.

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