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Already creating content, but not seeing the returns on your time? There’s an easier way to get more views and website visits.

Enter: Pinterest marketing. If you’re an artist, maker or other creative business owner, repurposing existing content on Pinterest is a no-brainer.

In my free Pin to Win masterclass, discover how to get seen on Pinterest and walk away with 3-5 content ideas that you can start Pinning right away! 

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Pin to Win masterclass - Pinterest growth

Who is Fairyfox Digital?

Hello, I’m Isabel Chen, your friendly neighbourhood Pinterest expert!

I was a social media manager for about 4 years before I discovered the joys of Pinterest through a challenge by the Pinterest agency, Social Giraffe.

In 3 months, I rapidly grew my own Pinterest account to get at least 4000+ monthly views. I started taking on Pinterest management clients, and to my delight, was able to give them similar results.

All this by repurposing existing content on their website, socials and mailing list. 

Are you ready to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon?

I’ve recorded this actionable Masterclass to show you how to get your business discovered on Pinterest for more views.

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