My undivided attention and marketing help for a single day!

Got a backlog of marketing tasks on your to-do list but not ready for a commitment yet?

Meet Marketing VIP Days. Your new BFF.

If you’ve got a list of marketing tasks you need help with or an upcoming event that requires support, I’m here for you.

Here’s how we can team up:

Pinterest Account Setup

Reels Creation day

Website help (creation of new pages, updates to products or content)

Closeup of smartphone in a cafe

Save your time. Imagine having time to focus on making moolah, while your marketing tasks get completed in the background, prepping your business to make more sales in future. It’s like fairy magic!

Look profesh without the hefty price tag. Let’s face it – content creation can start costing lots once you add up everything you need. And if you only use the equipment once?! It’s waaay more cost effective to have someone (psst… me!) come in with the expertise and equipment to get you photos or videos for your social media.

How it works

  1. Book a disco call to confirm if a Marketing VIP Day is right for you. 
  2. If it’s a yay, keep an eye on your inbox for a booking link to book your VIP day experience, plus a questionaire requesting the information I need for your exclusive VIP day
  3. Be on email standby on your Marketing VIP day for any questions while I help you tick off that marketing to-do list!

     What’s the investment?

    AUD$635 (or AUD$320 half day) for a fuss-free Marketing VIP experience 

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