Is a Marketing VIP day your creative business’s new BFF?

Marketing VIP Days for Ecommerce and Online Creatives

I see you running around like a headless chook, trying to get all your marketing tasks done as an online creative. You’re juggling so many hats and your to-do list keeps growing. Maybe you can’t afford to hire a social media marketer on a retainer, but I have the solution.

In this blog, you’ll learn more about how a Marketing VIP day can help you tick those pesky marketing tasks off your to-do list within 24 hours, without the ongoing price tag.

What’s a Marketing VIP Day?

Isabel setting up for product photography

A Marketing VIP Day is an intensive, one-to-one day where you outsource tasks you haven’t got time for to a marketing expert (*hint* me). Freelancers or consultants often offer this as a no-commitment service to help you complete tasks outside your knowledge, so that you can focus on what moves the needle in your business (like client-facing tasks!) 

What makes VIP days valuable is that a full 24 hours is blocked out to work on your business, so you get full attention and priority. Other benefits include:

  • Save your time – imagine having more time back to work ON your business while marketing tasks get ticked off your to-do list WITHOUT you lifting a finger. 
  • Cost-effective – you don’t have budget for ongoing services, but a once-off access to expertise won’t break your bank

How do you know if a Marketing VIP Day is right for your online business?

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re already juggling so many hats. Adding marketing whiz to the mix can feel like trying to learn a TikTok dance in double time. But what if there was a way to get expert help without any long-term commitment? This is how to know if a Marketing VIP Day is the right fit for your marketing struggles:

  • You have a specific thing that you want to achieve, like creating Reels or setting up a Pinterest account, but you’re procrastinating because you feel like you haven’t got enough knowledge
  • You’ve got branding in place, and by that it’s not just a logo. You might have a brand guide that covers your colours, fonts and other visual assets like logos and elements. Bonus points if you have your brand voice down-pat too
  • You know marketing is important, it gets you traffic and sales, but you’re too busy with customer-facing work to implement right now

The process of a Marketing VIP Day

Isabel, a social media marketer with her smartphone open.

Curious about how a Marketing VIP Day is run? Here’s the breakdown of how I work with clients on my VIP days:

  1. DISCO call: We kick things off with a disco call to confirm if a Marketing VIP Day is right for you, and if I can assist with the tasks you’re looking to outsource.
  1. Booking and prep: If it’s a yay, you’ll receive a calendar booking link and onboarding questionnaire faster than you can say “avocado toast”. Make payment to lock in your preferred date and complete onboarding so we can start.
  1. The VIP Experience: On the big day, sit back and sip a margarita on the beach, as I work on your marketing tasks.  I only ask that you be on standby through Whatsapp or Slack, in case there’s hiccups like gaining access to your account.
  1. Post-VIP day: Once 24 hours is up, pop the champagne and celebrate! You’ll receive a full report on what has been completed, and your next steps to keep the momentum going.

Ready to experience the magic of a VIP Day?


If you’re ready to say “Thank U, Next” to marketing stress and “Hello, Gorgeous” to more time, moolah and less overwhelm, then a Marketing VIP Day might be what your business needs. If your desire is to:

  • Setup your Pinterest business account so you start getting 4K+ more eyeballs on your business
  • Create a bank of professionally edited Reels that you can re-use over and over again for your business
  • Update your website in time for a product or service launch

Then we could be a match! Learn more about how I can help you with a Marketing VIP day so you enjoy more freedom to scale your business (or binge-watch the latest season of your favourite show, I don’t judge) 

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