Illuminate: Pins to Profits Pinterest Academy

You are wasting HOURS a day on social media, when you could be doubling your website traffic using PINTEREST.

The only step by step, personalised blueprint that you will NEED to double your website visits and make more sales, WITHOUT creating new content in 30 minutes a day using Pinterest + AI Magic

Get a sneak peek at what’s included in the Academy.

Pinterest marketing for beginners

What you get inside Illuminate: Pins to Profits Pinterest Academy

Hello, I’m Isabel

I see you, creative one – you may be having thoughts like:

“I started this business to do what I love, but all I’m doing now is chasing deadlines and managing social media.”

“I want to work on my new designs right now, but I’m stuck here trying to successfully lip-sync to this stupid trending audio.”

“I need a break, but I can’t afford to take one. What if I miss a DM from a customer?”

“I know I need to market, to grow my business and bring in consistent customers – but I don’t have the time and I don’t feel like what I AM doing is truly making a difference.

But guess what?

That life where you can pursue your creative passions, make a positive impact, and maintain a healthy balance between work, personal life, and self-care?

It’s possible through the power of Pinterest.

Isabel a Pinterest Marketer sits in chair, chin resting on hand.

Pinterest is THE best way to get more website visits, and make more sales WITHOUT spending time making any new content.

In the Academy, I’m providing you with the marketing skills for more engagement and sales that includes:


  • My proven Pinterest framework I use for Pinterest management clients to get 4K+ monthly Pinterest views;
  • Time-saving Canva templates to easily repurpose your content
  • AI prompts for creating content for sales across all your marketing and
  • LIVE support so you’re accountable and TAKE ACTION without feeling overwhelmed DIY-ing

I hear you, running a creative business online is a constant juggling act. 

Between managing your daily tasks, engaging with customers, and trying to grow your business, you’re always on your toes.

You know that you:

  • Want to maximise platforms like Pinterest to increase visibility and sales, but there’s only so much time in a day
  • Spend less effort on creating fresh, engaging content – the mere thought of it is enough to give you a headache

You’re already using Pinterest for vision boards and mood boards, and you’d love to unlock its full potential for your business.

But the idea of adding another task to your already overflowing plate feels scary.

3 client testimonials about Pinterest

The overwhelm is real, and you’re not alone.

What if you could turn your Pinterest presence into a powerful marketing tool without creating more content or dedicating countless hours?

With Illuminate, that’s not just a possibility – it’s a reality.

This isn’t about adding another task to your to-do list; it’s about working smarter, not harder.

It’s about leveraging what you already have to achieve more – more visibility, more sales, more success.

Meet my client, Ros

When Ros first contacted me, she had a Pinterest account which she was trying to use to grow her mailing list.

She had been posting Pins, but not getting many clicks from Pinterest to her website.

She didn’t know what she was doing and created random Pins to “hack” the Pinterest algorithm.

But she wasn’t seeing much growth, even with 84 followers.

This is where I came in – we implemented my 3-step Pinterest visibility strategy:

  • Optimisation: Simple Pinterest tactics to get more eyeballs on your account
  • Systems: A repurposing strategy so we could maintain a consistent Pinning schedule
  • Examine: Looking at the essential data to figure out what type of content works best to attract your dream customers

With this strategy, we achieved 24000+ views and doubled the website visits coming from Pinterest in 90-days. 

This is what you can achieve with the help of a Pinterest expert by your side. 

Get more Visibility and Website Traffic wtih Illuminate: Pins to Profits Framework

Marketing strategy

Rinse and repeat strategy to get you 4K+ Pinterest views a month

No more ‘winging it’ on Pinterest.

Follow my tried-and-tested Pinterest strategy that I use for my paying clients to get 4000+ views in 30-days.

After 6 weeks, you’ll know EVERYTHING you need to know to market your business effectively on Pinterest.

Marketing systems

Simple systems for consistent results

Secrets from a Pinterest manager on being ‘consistent’.

Your personalised blueprint to automate your Pinterest workflow so you never post last minute, and how to track results so you see improvements

AI prompts

AI Content Magic (never waste time on content again)

Use the power of AI magic to help you with not just Pinterest, but all of your marketing.

Speed up your content creation process, get clarity on your dream customers and easily repurpose your content so that it reaches more people, in less than 15min with AI 

Live support to fast-track your growth, receive strategic guidance and accountability

You’re not getting just information; I want you to TAKE ACTION.

Over 6 weeks, get exclusive access to me in 2 monthly Pinterest co-working sessions where we work on our Pinterest content for the month…

💥Plus your personalised Double your Traffic blueprint (worth AUD$299), which is a step by step breakdown that I create to tell you exactly what to do next to increase your reach across different platforms 

💥And our weekly group coaching calls to answer your content marketing questions.

    Regain your time with the marketing solution you’ve been looking for…

    Pinterest marketing for beginners

    Illuminate: Pins to Profits Pinterest Academy

    A Pinterest course designed for established eCommerce businesses and online creatives currently making $2K months, who have limited time but big dreams for their business.

    • 6 modules, to help you deep dive into Pinterest as a visual search engine, and how to seamlessly integrate the platform into your repurposing strategy so you make the most out of content you ALREADY have
    • Clarity on your next steps to increase your reach with a personalised Double your Traffic blueprint
    • Beat overwhelm and stay accountable with weekly content reviews and co-working sessions aimed at supporting you to get more traffic and sales for your products
    • Exclusive access to me as your Pinterest mentor over 6 weeks through 6x weekly coaching calls to solve your marketing struggles
    • Leverage AI and Canva templates to cut down time in creating content and repurposing, so you save up to 4 hours weekly
    2 client testimonials about Pinterest

    You are wasting HOURS a day on social media, when Pinterest could be the number 1 traffic driver to your website.

    I chose Fairyfox Digital based on their reputation in social media marketing, especially on Pinterest, as recommended in several marketing groups I’m part of.

    Isabel’s knowledge in Pinterest marketing and her approach to social media strategy have been invaluable.

    Danielle F.


    Isabel is terrific at helping me really get what Pinterest is for! I love her availability and eagerness to help small businesses leverage Pinterest for visibility. I see colleagues work with her and get terrific visibility from her Pinterest marketing, and I’m confident I’ll have the same results all in due time.

    Ed O.

    Super Simple Marketing

    Illuminate is the easiest way to transition from a casual Pinterest user to a seasoned Pinterest for Business pro, over 6 weeks.

    Boost your website visits, increase sales, and reclaim your time.

    Is this true for you?

    You’re currently pouring hours into Instagram, trying to get people to head to your website so they buy your products, but seeing minimal results

    You know Pinterest is an under-rated platform for getting more website visits, but you’re struggling to use it effectively.

    Everything you find on Google seems to contradict each other

    You’ve attended all the Pinterest workshops and downloaded the freebies, but you’re still lost on how to apply these strategies in your business

    Because all you really want is:

    • To enjoy family moments WITHOUT the guilt of not working in your business
    • Confidence in your Pinterest marketing, so that you get increased website traffic and potential sales
    • A thriving online creative business that makes a meaningful impact on your community, without increasing your screen time

    Illuminate is for you if…

    • You’re an established eCommerce or online creative business owner making $2K+ months, and want to get 4000+ monthly views and double your website visits with Pinterest, WITHOUT creating more content
    • You have physical products, services, memberships, courses or other digital products that you sell online
    • You’ve already made sales through your website and produce content regularly, but you want to AMPLIFY that
    • You have a website with blog function (it’s ok if you don’t have any blogs yet)
    • You want to grow your email list
    • You’re ready to hop off the Instagram (or other social media) content creation wheel
    • You want to learn how to repurpose old content so that you save time
    • You’re looking for a simple way to promote your business on autopilot


    This course is NOT for you if…

    • You sell only in your local area and not internationally
    • You’re just starting out in your online business
    • You haven’t got a website yet (and not planning on getting one)
    • You’re looking for a ‘magic formula’ for sales and want ‘instant results’

    Inside the curriculum

    Just for you, here’s what we’re covering:

    Module 1: Pinterest + your biz: the perfect match

    Dive into how Pinterest can support your online business in getting more traffic and sales.

    Module 2: Building solid Pinterest foundations for success

    A team is only as good as its weakest member – so let’s make sure your Pinterest account is set up right for massive growth

    Module 3: Your Pinterest Secret weapon and how to get INCREDIBLE results with this

    Keywords, keywords, keywords – discover how this can get more eyeballs on your Pinterest account even with 0 followers

    Module 4: Create scroll-stopping Pinterest content (even if you’re not a designer)

    Easily craft captivating Pins that draw people to your brand and website.

    Module 5: AI Magic and advanced Pinterest strategies (that are really easy to implement)

    How to use AI and Pinterest Trends to consistently build your brand on Pinterest, WITHOUT the burnout.

    Module 6: How to optimise your Pinterest strategy to fast-track sales

    Pinterest manager secrets – how do you know if what you’ve done is working? What all that data really means and how to use the info to plan your next move.


    ✅ BONUS guest trainings (including storytelling coach May from @talktomay) to improve your marketing so you make more sales not just from Pinterest, but other platforms too (worth $350)

    ✅ Your personalised Double your Traffic blueprint – a step by step breakdown that I create when you join the Academy –  that tells you exactly what to do next to increase your reach across different platforms (worth $299)

    ✅ 6x weekly coaching calls, plus 2x monthly Pinterest co-working sessions aimed at supporting you to get more traffic and sales for your products (worth $1440)

    ✅ Weekly content reviews for feedback and to beat overwhelm (worth $135)

    ✅ Pinterest Canva templates, so you stop wasting time creating Pins from scratch (worth $30)

    ✅ AI prompt templates for speedy content creation that converts (worth $90)

    Valued at AUD$2744+

    Yours today for AUD$550 (one-time payment) for lifetime access to the course + 6 weeks LIVE support with me 💸

    Or AUD$184/month x 3 months 💸

    What's included in Illuminate: Pins to Profits Pinterest Academy


    What exactly is Illuminate?

    A complete Pinterest marketing academy that’s designed for online creatives who are limited on time, but want to use Pinterest effectively so they can make the MOST of content they already have and make more sales WITHOUT wasting time on trending audios, jazz hands or constantly creating MORE content.

    I’m new in business. Is this right for me?

    No, Illuminate is designed for established online creatives who have ALREADY made sales through their website (even if it’s just one!), but want to BOOST the visits they get to the website so they can amplify their results 

    If you are a new business owner who’s been posting to social for at least 3 months, I suggest you book an account audit with me so that you can have a clear plan on what’s working well on your account and how to improve your results. This is available for Instagram and Pinterest.

    Is this for product or service businesses?

    For this first round of Illuminate, we’re focusing on online creative businesses that sell products and eCommerce.

    When does the course start?

    You’ll get access to the first topic on Monday, Sep 2. Our weekly live coaching calls will start that week as well (dates TBC)

    How long do I get access to course materials?

    You can access the course (and any future updates) FOREVER. I get that things can get busy and life events crop up, so you’ll be able to complete the course at your own pace.

    The LIVE component runs from Sep 2 to Oct 13 2024.

    How much time do I need to commit to this course each week?

    The course is self-paced so you can do it in your own time. If you desire to be an A+ student, dedicate a maximum of 2h/week to watch the tutorials and complete the action steps, or split that up into 15-min blocks whenever you’re free. 

    Is there a refund policy?

    I want you to love Illuminate as much as I do, but in case you’re unsatisfied, refunds will be offered on a case-by-case basis. You’ll need to show that you have implemented and participated in this course by midnight Sunday 29 September 2024 (Adelaide time) to be considered for a refund.

    Check your timezone here

    Will you be running Illuminate again?

    I currently have no plans to launch Illuminate in 2024 again, so now is your time to join us!

    Isabel, an Asian woman smiles confidently at the camera.

    Who is Fairyfox Digital?

    Hello, I’m Isabel Chen, your friendly neighbourhood Pinterest expert!

    An ex-social media manager turned Pinterest Expert, I now work with online creatives to make more sales through powerful Pinterest marketing, WITHOUT wasting time on DIY-ing to get no results.

    In 3 months, I rapidly grew my own Pinterest account to get at least 4000+ monthly views. I started taking on Pinterest management clients, and to my delight, was able to give them similar results.

    All this by repurposing existing content on their website, socials and mailing list.

    If you’re ready to steal my proven Pinterest strategy that got my client 24000+ views and doubled website traffic, then I’ll see you in Illuminate!

    Not sure if Illuminate is right for you?

    Book a free 30-min marketing audit with me to chat and see if we’re the right fit.

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