I know starting your own online business can be difficult, especially when you’re a newbie.

This is why I’ve created this collection of free resources designed for online creative businesses. Each free resource builds on each other to give you a solid foundation for promoting your business on Pinterest. 

64 Straight-Talking Pinterest Call-to-Actions for more Website Traffic

If you’ve been posting to Pinterest regularly, but haven’t seen an uptick in website visits from Pinterest, a call-to-action (CTA) could be what you’re missing.

With this list of 64 CTAs specifically designed for Pinterest, get people to take action on your Pins and watch those website visits skyrocket! 

Mockup of freebie Pinterest call to actions to boost website traffic.

7 Done for You Pin Templates

Save your time creating Pins from scratch. These optimised Canva templates provide you with a week’s worth of designs to get you posting standard Pins regularly.

7 Done for you Canva templates for Pinterest

Pin to Win Masterclass

Unlock the secret to getting more views and website visits with Pinterest.

In this free 30-min Pinterest Growth Masterclass, you’ll walk away with the most powerful way to get seen on Pinterest, and 3-5 content ideas you can start Pinning right away!

Pin to Win masterclass - Pinterest growth
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