3 Secrets to DOUBLE your website traffic in less than 30mins a day with Pinterest (WITHOUT creating new content)


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Simple strategies to DOUBLE your website traffic that you can begin implementing today, so you can start making more sales online using the internet’s most underrated – and biggest potential platform – Pinterest.

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3 Pinterest marketing secrets to double your website traffic in less than 30 minutes daily

Do you find yourself saying things like this?

“I started this business to do what I love, but all I’m doing now is chasing deadlines and managing social media.”

I see you, I have supported so many clients who have felt like running an online business is a constant juggling act.

Between managing daily tasks, interacting with customers, and trying to grow your business, you’re always on your toes.

The thing is, most business owners I speak to are focusing on things that don’t actually bring money through the door.

And with so much to do all the time, I completely understand why!

The truth is simple.

If you want to make money online – you need to get MORE WEBSITE TRAFFIC.

Not spend time researching what hashtags to add to your Instagram caption or making new posts constantly.

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to.

You know you can make should be making the most out of your content through repurposing to platforms like Pinterest to reach new customers and make sales through your website, but there’s only so much time in a day.

In 45 minutes, I’ll show you the simplest method to double your website visits and increase sales without the need to create more content.

All through the power of Pinterest.

Isabel a digital marketer smiles confidently.

In this FREE masterclass, learn:

  • My proven strategy to 4x your Pinterest views (and DOUBLE the traffic to your website so you can make more sales)
  • The rinse-and-repeat method for creating Pinterest content that converts (without actually making NEW content)
  • A simple AI method to speed up content creation (and save 2-3 hours each week)


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This masterclass is for you if…

You’re an online business owner already creating content regularly (whether it’s social media, blog posts or podcasts)

Most of your sales are through your website, Etsy or other non-social media platforms (and you want more visits to boost those sales!)

You know who your dream customers are and how your offer helps them solve a problem or fulfil a desire (you just need to AMPLIFY them by thousands)

Love Notes from Previous Participants

❤️ Well presented and has re-ignited my interest in Pinterest

❤️ Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a really clear + accessible way!

❤️ So good at clarifying what Pinterest is as a platform and how to work successfully with it

❤️ You were awesome, thank you for showing me how to use Pinterest as a photographer!


I’m sooooo ready to save 5 hours weekly and make more sales through Pinterest!

Who is Fairyfox Digital?

Hello, I’m Isabel Chen, your friendly neighbourhood Pinterest expert!

I’m committed to help you get more traffic and money online using the power of Pinterest for your online business.

An ex-social media manager turned Pinterest Expert, I now work with online creatives to make more sales through powerful Pinterest marketing, WITHOUT wasting time on DIY-ing to get no results.

In 3 months, I rapidly grew my own Pinterest account to get at least 4000+ monthly views. I started taking on Pinterest management clients, and to my delight, was able to give them similar results using my Pinterest marketing strategy.

All this by repurposing existing content on their website, socials and mailing list, WITHOUT creating new content.

Are you ready to make more sales with Pinterest?

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