DIY Services

Thinking of outsourcing but don’t quite have the budget yet?

I’ve got your back. Explore my DIY services for Pinterest marketing, social media account audits, marketing strategy power hours or simple content creation packages.


Illuminate, Pinterest growth membership

Spark your Pinterest Success workshop


Let’s make Pinterest the number 1 driver of website visits for you.

Are you an artist, maker or other creative soul who’s heard that Pinterest can blow up the number of eyeballs on your work, but you don’t know where to start?

My Spark your Pinterest Success workshop series is designed for you.


Person using a smartphone.

Account Audit

AUD$135 (Instagram or Pinterest)

Posting regularly on social media but just not seeing results? Consider doing a social media marketing audit. It’s like an annual health check, but with less effort from you.

An account audit lets you walk away with a clear idea of what’s working towards your social media goals and get your account optimised to boost growth and engagement.


Person typing on a laptop, coffee mug to the side.

Content Packages

From AUD$385

If creating social media content just makes you want to jump into a pool of piranhas – don’t worry, I’ve gotchu!

Whether it’s Instagram Reels editing, writing social media copy, video repurposing or anything else social posts related – never stare at a blank screen again.

I’ll do the content creation, you do the posting!

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