Get social (media) sh*t done with Fairyfox Digital

But not by being glued to the screen 24/7.

I’m a Pinterest manager based in Plympton Park, Adelaide, who believes marketing should be fun, connect with your community, and most importantly NOT a time suck.


It’s 2024 – pretty pics ain’t enough

With so many businesses online these days, good visuals and words are a MUST to grab attention.

And if you desire sales? Then building your community is key.

My digital marketing services focus on creating a system that’s ALIGNED with your values and:

Gets you more visibility

Builds connection with your community

Double your website visits (so you make more sales)

Isabel, an Asian woman smiles confidently at the camera. She is a Pinterest consultant.

Combining logic with creativity

I used to be a scientist, before I grew bored of the repetitive nature of my work.

So I studied a Diploma in Social Media Marketing at TAFE SA and changed careers in my 30s.

But the “always on” nature of social media and negativity during COVID times led to me feeling disillusioned two years in.

My turning point was when out of 9334 people worldwide, I received an offer to intern with Rachel Pedersen, the “Queen of Social Media”.

This internship taught me how to repurpose content, a time saving tactic for social media.

But the real turning point was when I discovered Pinterest marketing.

Repurposing my own content on Pinterest x4 my views and doubled my website traffic, without needing to constantly create new content.

Taking over the world

Fairyfox Digital might be based in Adelaide, but I love working with businesses all around the world (from Sydney to Portugal!)

Especially with clients who understand that building a community is necessary for social media success, and cats are life.


Isabel in her days as a scientist

Isabel is an exceptionally pleasant and knowledgeable person. She helped me outline some social media posts and suggested various platforms making tech talk a breeze for someone like me. She is patient and thoughtful, she sent over the notes and recording for easy reference. Her tips on repurposing content is a game-changer!

Jilska Payoe

JFP Virtual Solutions

Teamwork makes the dream work

All great businesses are the result of a community, and here’s the communities I’m proud to be a part of. 

SA Woman Member 2024.
Two Lauras Social PRF completion badge
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