4 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools for Online Businesses

4 must-have digital marketing tools for online businesses.

I see so many online business owners spending hours posting on social media, feeling exhausted afterwards because they haven’t streamlined their marketing efforts. If saving time is priority for you, then investing in the right digital marketing tools for your online business is key. I’m going to be sharing my 4 must-have digital marketing tools that I use EVERYDAY in my business to create and schedule social media content, so that I’m able to use that time for client-facing tasks instead. In this blog I’m covering Canva, Capcut, Tailwind and Metricool.

(Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links and I may receive commissions. I personally use all of these digital marketing tools and only recommend what I love.)


Design like a Pro with Canva

Create beautiful social media graphics with Canva, the user-friendly graphic design tool that’s totally free to use.

With a wide range of social media templates, stock photos, customisable graphics and fonts, Canva is accessible to businesses that aren’t ready to splurge on the full Adobe suite yet. If you’re part of a team, Canva lets you share designs with other people, so you all can work on designs together.

Canva Pro is a worthwhile investment. At less than AUD$18 each month, the “Brand Kit” feature lets you set up your brand colours, fonts, logos and other assets, so that you can make sure your Canva templates are consistent.

If you’re wanting to free up your time, then having branded templates on hand is the way to go. It’s helped me save at least 2 hours each time designing something from scratch. It’s the same reason why I’ve designed my free Canva templates for repurposing content on Pinterest.

7 Done for you Canva templates for Pinterest

Easy Video Editing on Capcut without the Fluff

My go-to mobile video editing app is Capcut. According to Statista, online videos reach nearly 92% of people on the internet. If you’re an artist, maker or any other type of creative business that sells products, then videos like Instagram Reels allow you to showcase the unique features of your wares, create desire in your audience and reach your ideal customers.

Capcut has a simple interface which is easy to pick up. A simple tap and you can add transitions or effects to your videos, both ways to grab attention on social media.

One of my favourite effects is Freeze Frame, which creates multiples of yourself and makes you look like a video editing pro! See it in action in my Instagram Reel here.

Supercharge on Pinterest with Tailwind


As a Pinterest manager, managing my own Pinterest account as well as clients’ takes up a lot of my day. If I had to do all this manually, it would be exhausting.

Enter Tailwind – this free social media scheduling tool connects with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

I use it mainly for Pinterest since it automatically schedules re-pins a week apart to my other Pinterest boards (a feature that’s not available in other social media scheduling apps). I also love that you’re given a customised content calendar based on your business goals, with useful prompts if you’re stuck for content ideas.

And you can stop staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what to write in your captions. With the AI Ghostwriter feature, never be lost for words again. Of course, you’ll still need to edit the caption to match your brand voice.

Want to give Tailwind a testrun? It’s completely free for up to 20 posts each month. Sign up right here.

Need a scheduling app for something other than Meta? Meet Metricool

If you’re a social media manager or business owner who is looking for a scheduler that can connect to Facebook, Instagram, X, Tiktok and more, Metricool is the best choice. It’s recommended by the Queen of Social Media herself, Rachel Pedersen (I’m a big fan of hers – did you know I interned with her?)]

Just by scheduling my Instagram and Facebook content, I save up to 3 hours a week from not having to post manually. It also means that I have time to create posts that my audience can relate to, so that I’m not just posting last minute for the sake of posting.

What I love about Metricool is that it’s great for people who are visual like me. Let’s take a sneak peek.

Coloured blocks of different intensity showing best times to post on Instagram.
In the Planner section, coloured boxes show you the best time to post. The more intense the colour, the more of your audience are online.

Website and social media stats are also displayed using maps or graphs so you can quickly understand your online performance in a simple way.

Graph showing growth in Instagram followers.
Graph shows growth of Instagram followers over time.
Visual world map showing website visitor locations.
World map showing location of website visitors.

Knowing what’s performing well on social media or your website is key to growth. Want to discover the power of Metricool? Get your free account today right here.


Digital marketing tools are so important to streamline your marketing processes online. By improving efficiency, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and have more time and energy to spend on needle-moving tasks in your business.

Let me know which time-saving tool you’re most excited to try!

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